Marat Safin"s Schedule

Sep 21, 2008


Prize Money: US $576,000 (US $551,000)
28 DRAW (Q16)



DOUBLES with Micha

1st round SAFIN lost 4-6, 6,7(4)

Marat arrived in Bangkok on Sep 21, 2008 (Sunday).
pictures of Marat upon arrival

credit to moro_girl @MTF

credit to aum@TGFR


Djokovic (1) vs. BYE
Benneteau vs. Qualifier
Berrer vs. Gabashvili
Qualifier vs. Soderling (6)

Berdych (3) vs. BYE
Bellucci vs. Bolelli
Udomchoke (WC) vs. Mahut
Djokovic, M. vs. Nieminen (5)

Safin (7)
vs. Petzschner
Zverev vs. Smeets (WC)
Qualifier vs. Kendrick
BYE vs. Monfils (4)

Melzer (8) vs. Young
Santoro vs. Troicki
Qualifier vs. Becker
BYE vs. Tsonga (2)

Sep 19, 2008

VIDEO : Marat giving kid riddles to players to guess during rain delay in the players lounge

Sep 14, 2008

Safin's recent "romance" with Soloist
"Nasyta Osipova" in the cinema "Pushkin" the premiere of comedy "Hitler kaput!". (Sept. 11)









Sep 1, 2008

Marat Safin: Convoluted Yet Strikingly Simple
薩芬 : 迴旋無解卻是異常簡單

by John Long Silver ( columnist )

You know – there are actually very less number of people in world when they finish talking, you come away with the feeling of … ‘He really get’s it, he actually really get’s the core of it’

你知道 - 世界少有人在講完話後你會覺得 "他說得太好,充分抓住重點深得我心 "

Barack Obama provides me with such a feeling every time I hear him speak, am not American and hence I have no bias, but every time I hear him speak I come away with the feeling of, ‘Barack just understands what America is all about, he just understands the core of it all and the strength and weaknesses of America …’.

The rationale for such a preface – Marat Safin rendered the same vibe to me, when I heard this press conference yesterday.
對於這樣的楔子,邏輯是如此的 - 馬拉特薩芬也有同樣的特質,尤其是聽了昨天的記者會。

Well documented (and discussed in my previous article) is his trouble with foot fault in R-1 of the US Open.

I saw his reasoning and explanation in the press conference and could not agree more with each of his perspectives.

As we more often than not say, no one can fathom what goes on inside that confounding complex head of his, but he is not all that complicated. For all the complexities at the periphery, at the very core is endearingly simple.

As he said in the press conference, the particular nuance of the foot fault rule for which he was called for, is hardly applied anymore. I dont think he is entirely correct, but I see and understand his perspective.

After ten years of life on the tennis tour, he is at a point where his primary objective is to enjoy and savor playing the game, without any trials or tribulations. That’s powerful – once someone decides to savor the process for what it is … liberation and consummate peace with one’s own self beckons.

I adore and love the way he says. ‘I just want to play a nice match and enjoy it’ … and even more when he adds, ‘win or lose … enjoy it and go home without any troubles on the court’. Indeed, craving to enjoy something is one of the most simplest, yet profound things in life.
我仰慕也欣賞他說的 "我只想上場好好打一場球,享受一切" 甚至他接著補充 "不管輸或贏,沒有無謂的麻煩,就是享受比賽然後回家休息"。確實,渴望享受某些事務是人生中最簡單也是最深刻的一年事了。

True right, as he says he does not need to play the game because he is starving, it’s at a stage where he is not in it for survival or money.

I found myself inevitably nodding in approval when he spoke, quite intriguing how only a two minute clip can render such a profound effect. At a certain stage in life, you do things because you love to do them, and want no troubles in the process and most importantly, could not be more indifferent what people around you think of them.

Safin was not created to be a Federer or Nadal, he never will be and I doubt if he ever wasted a breath more thinking about it. When asked what his sister Safina needs to do become world no.1 he responded by ‘She should do the exact opposite of whatever I did when I was in the top five’

So many times in the past I have found myself to agree with his thoughts when he says, ‘I go out and play and try my best, whatever comes … comes’. As human beings that indeed the best we can expect out of ourselves, try our best and as long as you are satisfied that you’ve tried your best, that’s the only inner voice whom you need to answer to at the end of a long day.
過去好多次我聽到他的想法時我真的深有同感,他總是說 "我上場打,盡力發揮,結果如何就如何"。做為一個人,的確,我們對於自己最大的期許不過是盡心盡力,在漫長的一天過去,我們聆聽內心的聲音,回答自己,只要我已經盡了最大的努力就別無所求。

As strikingly honest as he is, he confessed before the Wimbledon semis against Federer this year, ‘I think am glad to be in the semis, but to think that I can beat Roger Federer is too much’. Count the number of players who are secure enough to say that before the game?
在今年溫網四強面對Federer 前接受訪問,他異常坦誠地說 "我很高興能打進四強,但如果想我會打敗Fereder就未免太天真過頭了"。想想當今有幾個球員在賽前能如此坦率的說出內心話?

I just understand and agree with what Safin says … beneath the self berating, deeply self critical, self doubting, self tortured, empathizing, dark cynicism that he honestly exhibits at every press conference …

As much as we might think he is intricately convoluted, at the very core … he is strikingly simple.

Salvation indeed lies within …

Good Luck Marat !