Marat Safin"s Schedule

Jan 25, 2007

2007 Russian Marie Claire February Issue with the article
2007 年俄國美麗佳人二月份雜誌照片及專文

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Oh Marat!

Here is the man whom we should thank for winning Davis Cup for Russia and for beautiful women broken hearts. Marie Claire’s correspondent Inna Lokteva did just that.

At first he gave me a fright. To be more precise, he simply didn’t pick up the phone. A lazy voice recorded on the answering machine suggested I left a message “And maybe I would call you back…”. Sure, like we don’t know better. When I had finally managed to get through he very businesslike asked “How long would it take? I have a very tight schedule”. Whatever, we’ll sort it out once there.
一開始他讓我有點害怕膽怯。講白一點﹐他呢根本不接電話﹐電話那端是慵懶的電話答錄機說著"請留話﹐或許我會回電......"。廢話呀﹐好像我們不懂這規矩似的。最後好不容易跟他搭上線﹐他用一貫談公事的口吻問道 "要訪問多久 ? 我的行程很忙"。我們才不管呢﹐總會想辦法完成專訪的。

We met in a cafeteria next to Tishinskaya Square. He came and stretched his arm out “Marat”. Like I would have never guessed! He is two heads higher than anyone around, as for the rest – pretty democratic: jeans, a dark jacket. They show us to a window table. “Noone will disturb you here”, a waitress smileda nd lit a candle. Romantic.
我們約在 Tishinskaya 廣場隔壁的咖啡廳﹐他來了﹐伸開雙手自己喊著"我是MARAT "﹐好像我會認不出來哩。在擁擠的人群中﹐他比其他人都高出兩個頭﹐太顯眼了﹐不過他的打扮卻很平民喲﹐牛仔褲搭配一件深色夾克。服務生帶我們到窗邊坐下﹐微笑著點燃臘燭並說" 這邊沒人會打擾的"。好浪漫喔。

-What would you like? – Marat asks
-A coffee.
-Well, I’ll have green tea then.
MARAT 問我﹐你想點什麼?

He sits back and stretches. “So what has interested Marie Claire so much in me?”
他往椅背靠﹑伸伸懶腰說" 那麼﹐美麗佳人雜誌對我什麼事情那麼感到興趣呢?"

Marat how is your knee? We couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched the Davis Cup…
MARAT, 你膝蓋還好嗎? 觀看戴維斯杯時﹐我們簡直不敢相信自己的眼睛。。。

Yeah, I had a serious injury. The knee hurt really badly and my future in professional sport was uncertain. I didn’t want to retire but the result were not giving any satisfaction. And people started talking that this was it, his time has finished and this is the most horrible thing when they just write you off like that. But I had a great desire to play and since my whole life evolves around tennis – if everything is well on court, the rest is well too.
嗯﹐那時我有嚴重的膝傷。膝蓋疼痛椎心刺骨﹐職業運動生涯前景無常﹐不知何去何從。我並不想退役﹐然而結果卻深深打擊著我﹐完全無法滿意。人們開始八卦﹐這個人大概混不下去﹐他的一切都結束了﹐這種扼殺一個人的談論實在很可怕。所幸我有強烈繼續打下去的意願﹐畢竟我的人生因為網球而精彩 - 如果場上得意的話﹐其他事情也都挺順心的。

Is it true that injured Safin was treated worse right away?

Thank God I cannot say that about people close to me - my family and friends. Independent of how I play, they always support me, don’t turn their backs on me, I must say that I have the best friends in the world. As for the rest – yeah, heroes are easily forgotten here.

Who are your friends?

I have known some of them since childhood. Who? Businessmen, artists.


In a closed circle (smiles). I have a good relationship with some sportsmen, Dima Sladkovskiy for example, Ilya Kovalchuk the famous hockey player, you probably know them…
在他們的小圈裡吧(笑)。我跟一些運動員也很要好﹐比如 Dima Sladkovskiy﹐有名的曲棍球員Ilya Kovalchuk﹐可能你們也都認識吧


I wouldn’t throw such big words as oligarchs. I’d say: serious businessmen. Same people with a great life experience, some of them play tennis.

What do you think, does big money spoil people?

Money gives you freedom and a possibility of choice. But with time you start to realize how comparative everything is in this life: fame, success. I look at this young boys now who just come into tennis and they are just so cool. “Oh look at me I am so cool, I play better than anyone”. It’s plain funny. This could finish any moment and then what? How many examples are there when people just got lost in life after they had retired from sport? I realized that I have to prepare a backup plan. I am soon 27, 10 out of them I have spent in professional sports…that’s a hell of a lot.
金錢能給予你自由和選擇的機會﹐不過隨著年紀增長﹐你會漸漸去瞭解生命裡各種事情的異同處:名聲﹑成就。我看到一些開始打網球的男孩子們﹐他們真是酷呀。" 喔﹐你們看看我很厲害吧﹐我比別人都強" 簡直太可笑了。這一切隨時會消失﹐然後你下一步該怎麼辦呢? 看看真實的例子﹐有多少運動員退役後迷失方向﹐人生變成一團糟呢﹐因此我意識到自己為要將來計畫。過不久我就27歲了﹐其中10年的歲月都在運動事業上...還真久呢。

Do you have any particular ideas about the backup plan?

Plans are Napoleonic but it’s not that easy, you have to study and learn. Now I listen to smart people, I think by about 2010 everything should fall into place.

At least tell what area is it gonna be? Business?

Of course.

Sportsmen nowadays are the most popular people, sex symbols…

That’s probably Kournikova?

And Bure*, and you…
還有 Bure* (註:一位非常有名贏得STANLEY 獎杯的曲棍球員) ﹐當然還有你.....

For God’s sake! I couldn’t care less. Rumours spread fast, get grown over with new ridiculous details and if you treat everything seriously, you could go insane.
拜託!! 我十分不屑。謠言傳起來是特別快的﹐要自我成長不要受這些荒謬的瑣碎事情干擾﹐假如你凡事當真﹐遲早會發瘋的。

You can earn quite a lot with a sex-symbol image…

I have enough as it is. Everything that I own – the car that I drive, the apartment I live in and even the fact that we are here talking – all of this is thanks to me being a tennis player.

In reality Safin has three cars. One of them, Porsche, is currently in Monte Carlo. Two others – Mercedes CL and a Range Rover jeep are in Moscow. Marat changes them depending on the mood and the weather.
薩芬有三部車。在蒙特卡羅有一台PORSCHE﹔莫斯科有兩台- MERCEDES CL 及 RANGE ROVER 吉普車。MARAT 隨著心情和天候決定開哪一台車。

Young women travel around the tournaments after you ready for everything – to just get a bit of your attention…

It’s flattering of course. But I don’t treat them as young women, just as tennis appreciators. And then again, they are way too young, 17-18.

What about the girls from Rublevka**?
那麼Rublevka** (註: 莫斯科高級住宅區) 的女孩呢

What has Rublevka got to do with anything? I don’t live there and I don’t ask the girls where they live. To be honest I never had anyone from there, the first thing which is important for me is for the girl to be someone as an individual.

You mean career success?

Not necessarily. Just for her to have her own identity, and not be afraid to express her opinion and stand by it. In general, to be open, natural. Because as you know some people just get into this role and can never snap out of it. It’s really obvious and pushes me away.

And she needs to be an honest blonde also?

If you date blondes for a long time, you would want a brunette. You have to have variety in life! (laughs). Besides, it really doesn’t matter, it needs to be interesting and not boring.

I noticed you had worn a ring on a chain around your neck…


I still have it, wanna see? (drags a chain from underneath his shirt and leans towards me – so close that I can feel the smell of the soap he used to shower after training, - the ring has runes engraved on it).
我還戴著呢﹐你要看嗎 ? (他從襯衫裡把項練拉出往我這邊靠過來 - 好近阿﹐近到我可以聞到他訓練後梳洗完留在身上的香皂味﹐ -喔﹐那戒指上有刻著一些神祕的記號)。

What is this?

It’s a ring, a silver one. “Lord of the Rings”, bought it in Spain. I love Tolkien and I respect hobbits, our little brothers.
這是銀製的戒指。 "魔戒 (指環王)"﹐我在西班牙買的。我很喜歡Tolkien﹐我也很尊敬我們的小兄弟哈比人。

So no private life?

None (sighs dramatically). I am not with anyone right now, don’t have a girlfriend. I am not seeking a serious relationship because I am not ready yet.

Had some bad experiences?

Everyone gets sick with a disease called love…
每個人都會得一種叫 "戀愛" 的疾病。。。

Not everyone…

Why? It never happened to you? I think everyone experiences it some time. And those who say they never have – are just cunning. I was madly in love once, almost got married even. It was back in Spain. We had lived together for four years. We started dating when I was an eighteen year old nobody, I didn’t have anything, not even a car. She used to give me lifts, pick me up from training, used to support me in any way she could, provided great moral support. I was renting a room back then… Then money started coming in, we bought a flat, a house. We had been through a lot together, it was a great part of my life.
為什麼? 你沒經歷過嗎 ? 我想大家或多或少都曾有過吧。那些自稱從來沒有的-是有點狡猾喔。我曾經談一場轟轟烈烈的戀愛﹐都幾乎要結婚了﹐那時還在西班牙﹐我們同居了四年。她從我18歲還是個無名小卒時就跟我在一起﹐我一貧如洗﹐連車也沒有。她總是去訓練場接送我﹑支持我﹐給我最大的安慰。我租了一間小房間...之後開始有收入了﹐我們買了公寓﹐一棟房子﹐一起經歷風風雨雨﹐是我人生是很特別的一個階段。

Was she older than you?


Yes, by two years.

Why did you break up?

Different mentalities, different people… She is Spanish. In addition to that I didn’t want to live in Spain anymore, wanted to go home, to Moscow.

Do you like it here?


I love Moscow, I think it’s the best city in the world. And I have traveled around… People can have fun here in a great beautiful, chic manner…it impresses me.

And how do you spend your spare time?

Differently. You can just hang out with a close circle of friends. If you want a party – please, there are tons of wonderful luxurious clubs in Moscow. We go to First, Dyagilev.
不一定。有時候跟好友在一起﹐如果想要PARTY﹐天阿﹐莫斯科有太多好玩高檔的俱樂部可消磨了。我們常去FIRST﹐ DYAGILEV。

Do you get recognized there?

Well ,they still let me in…

So you basically just hang out in clubs, breaking the sports regime…

Well imagine, I come to Moscow for a month or two a year! I rest here. Surely I want to go meet my friends, go somewhere, hang out and party. Why not? I have every right to.
你想想看﹐我一年只回莫斯科一兩個月。我回來休息﹐當然也想跟好友聚會﹐到處走走﹐出去玩或PARTY。有何不可? 我絕對有權利如此的。

Tell me, did you have the urge to punch Abramovich in the face?
告訴我﹐是否有衝動想對著ABRAMOVICH 的臉揍一拳

Why should I?!?

Dasha Zhukova…


Nothing of the sort. We were over way before that. And while we had been together for three years none of us dated other people parallel to that. We used to fight, break up, get back together again, it was all quite hectic. And then…it just all vanished, just by itself. It turned out all of a sudden that we have absolutely different interests, cirles of friends. And I think we did the right thing to break up. She is young, I am young, why should we mess up each other’s lives?

So whose initiative was it to break up?


And what do you think about her life right now?

Nothing. I don’t care. Everything is in the past. It’s her private life. However, I will always wish her the very best (his gaze is absolutely calm and sincere).
不知道﹐我不在乎。一切都過去了﹐那是她的私人生活。不過﹐我永遠祝她幸福 (他的眼神是那麼平和與誠懇)。

Tell me Marat, are you always this calm? Are you capable of doing something really crazy? Literally fight for the woman you love for example?
MARAT ﹐你總是這麼冷靜嗎? 你會不會做些瘋狂的事﹐ 好比為了一個女人而打架?

God what is with you all – fight. To fight for a woman is something really idiotic in my opinion (wrinkles his face). We are civilized people. Yes, I did get jealous at times. Everyone who suffers from love disease treats a person next to him as his own property, which is a mistake. A person cannot belong to you, he/she has his/her own thoughts, secrets. A person will never open up completely and he is just with you. For some time. Can leave tomorrow, or can leave in a year. It’s his right. Fight, beat each other up…what for? She has to choose herself.
天阿﹐你們腦子都在想什麼 -- 打架。我覺得為了一個女人暴力相向非常愚蠢 (臉上起了皺紋)﹐我們可是文明人阿。沒錯﹐有時我會嫉妒﹐每個為愛所苦的人都不禁把身邊的人當成自己的財產﹐那真是天大的錯誤。沒有人屬於你﹐他/她 有 他/她 個人的想法和祕密。一個人不可能完完全全對你赤裸所有的﹐他只是跟你在一起罷了。有時候﹐明天可以離開﹐或甚至離開一整年﹐那都是他的權利。打架﹐兩個男人打得你死我活﹐為了什麼? 女人自有她的選擇。

How do you court ladies?

Women are tough to impress nowadays…Presents… I left the Spanish an apartment, a car and money. On the whole I am not a materialistic person and couldn’t care less about all these toys. Who needs all this? (waves hands with a Rolex shining on one of them). I think the most important thing is attention and a good relationship.
現在要滿足女人很難呀 。。。送禮物。。我給那個西班牙女孩一套公寓﹑一輛車和一些錢。基本上我不是個物質主義者﹐這些身外之物可有可無。誰需要這種東西 ? (邊講邊揮戴著閃亮ROLEX名錶的手﹐註 : ROLEX 是MARAT的贊助商﹐他得常戴﹔當然他喜歡收集錶﹐記得他說他喜歡SWATCH 那種便宜錶... ) 。人與人之間最重要的﹐莫過於關懷和良好的互動了。

Well do you at least give flowers?


That yes. And without any occasion. Just when I want to do something nice for someone. I give tulips – I think it’s a sign of style. And roses – traditional but very beautiful. I even sent roses to Paris.

To whom?


Doesn’t matter. A Russian girl, worked as a model in Paris… This is my not-so-pleasant past. I made a lot of mistakes, too bad I realized that too late. I wanted to change things one way or another but it didn’t work out. But I sent roses.

What did you do that was so awful?


Maybe nothing special, just acted wrong. Showed no interest, no care, kept “forgetting” to call. She worried. Small things in general that spoilt everything with time. Now I understand that you can’t do that.

Why did you act like that back then?

Wasn’t over “the Spanish affair” yet. Didn’t want to get attached again even though I really liked her. To cut a long story short, couldn’t make up my mind and spoilt everything in the end.

What do you look for in a relationship with a woman? Warmth? Fantastic sex?
你追求跟女人什麼樣的關係? 溫情? 激烈的性愛?

I don’t look for anything at all because when you look, you usually never find. It will come when you least expect it. For now I like my life the way it is. I do not report to anyone, I do not have to call several times a day to ask what she had done and where she had been. And I don’t want to be asked these questions.

Freedom is my choice…

Yes, I treasure freedom. And if I meet a person who will understand that and give me that freedom, maybe something could work out of it. We have to be similar in the way we look at the world, I am not saying “identical” – it’s impossible, just similar at least… But I haven’t met a person like that yet.

From what I gathered, you are against marriage as such?


Why? If anyone likes it, they can go ahead and get married. I just don’t understand it: people are together, they love each other, why do you need a document to prove that?
為什麼? 誰想結婚﹐他盡可以去結婚組織家庭。我只是很不懂: 兩人在一起﹐彼此相愛﹐為何非要一張紙來證明呢?

A woman feels more secure like that.

So this means I have to support her all my life? I think this is obscene… I am ready to get married in just one situation: when our kids grow up.
意思是我得養她一輩子嗎? 我覺得這很離譜.....只有一種情況之下我會結婚:當我們的小孩都長大


Well, kids would grow up and we would still be together. And we would have feelings for each other. That’s when we’d have the wedding. And celebrate together with the kids. What? I think its beautiful.

He was very courteous. And even offered me a ride. And even held the car door open (Mercedes Benz CL). However, I didn’t really delude myself. He’s got training, tight schedule…
他彬彬有禮﹐非常紳士﹐甚至還送我回家﹐甚至...還幫我開車門(MERCEDES BENZ CL)。不過我沒昏頭啦。他得趕著去訓練﹐行程滿檔.....

* - Pavel Bure. A famous hockey player who spent a few years in NHL and won the Stanley Cup.

** - Rublevka is a slang for Rublevskoe Avenue. A very posh area on the outskirts of Moscow.

2006 Misc Magazines Pictures
2006 各種雜誌照片

DAVIS CUP : Semifinals against USA. Roddick match

Itogi magazine cover after we won DC

In Pau

DC semis against USA

Reception photos

Pre-DC final cover of Tennis Plus

Hamburg Tennis Plus Cover

from DC

Jan 22, 2007

Offical Website : Interview with MARAT before he left Melbourne

官網 : 版主在 MARAT 離開墨爾本前作的專訪


Q. Hi how do u feel today after your match yesterday?

M. I am still tired I didnt get much sleep because I was thinking about the match and about the fact that I could have done more to win it.

Q. How will u summarize this tournament? Are u disappointed?

你對澳網的總結為何? 失望嗎

M. Not really, u all know that I hate losing, but I have a goal to get back in the top ten this year, and first of all to be healthy the whole year. This was the first step in this direction. But I still think I could have played better and maybe get in less trouble in the first two rounds.

Q. U are traveling home today its a long flight how do u spend your time in these long flights?


M. It is a very very long flight, I am flying from here to Singapore, staying on the plane for two hours on the ground then flying to Vienna arriving tomorrow morning and after 4 hours I will continue to Moscow and I will arrive in the afternoon so its about thirty hours which is a lot. I am so tired that I will sleep a lot. And try to finish the book I am reading.


Q. may we ask which book it is?
M. Its a Russian history book which is my favorite subject as u may well know.

Q 可以告訴我是什麼書嗎
MS 俄國歷史的書﹐你們大概都曉得是我最感興趣的題材。

Q. When are u flying to Chile for Davis cup?
M. I am leaving on Saturday.

M 我星期六啟程

Q. On your birthday?
M. yes I will celebrate on the plane with my coach and doctor with a glass of wine, as long as I play I have to do what is right for my career I do not have too many years and I will have enough time for celebrations when I am done.

Q 在生日那天嗎

M 沒錯﹐我將在飛機上跟教練和隨行醫師跟酒慶祝生日﹐只要我還是職業球員﹐我就有義務完成該做的事﹐畢竟職業生涯沒剩幾年了﹐退役之後多的是間可慶祝。

Q. U only won Davis cup one and a half months ago and all ready a difficult challenge to defend the title.
M. I know Its crazy they dont let u enjoy the victory too long. Its a very hard match against a strong team and we are playing away from home which makes it even harder.
Massu and Gonzales are very strong players and I hope that all our players will play in the tie and that we will have a strong team as well.
Q 一個半月前你才贏得DAVIS CUP ﹐而現在馬上面臨衛冕的艱難挑戰阿

MS 我知道這真的很離譜﹐要贏得獎杯享受勝利是那麼漫長的掙扎奮鬥。我們將與難纏的對手比賽﹐而地點又不在家鄉﹐使一切更困難。MASSU 和 GONZALES 都是很強悍的球員﹐我希望我們的隊員都會參加﹐陣容也一樣堅強(MARAT ﹐555555555555﹐其他三人不參加啦)。

Q. It will be a long trip for u.
M. True after Chile I travel to the US, I will play San Jose, Las Vegas, a week off for practice in Los Angeles, Indian Wells, and Miami. So I will be away from home again for more then 2 month, well this is my life I cant complain, its my work, I love this game, it gave me so much and also the life of other players are not easy so we have to do what we have to do to be competitive in this sport.

Q 這也是個漫長的旅途

MS 是阿﹐智利DAVIS UP 後﹐我將參加美國聖荷西﹐LAS VEGAS 公開賽﹐在LA 一星期練習﹐然後打 INDIAN WELLS 及 MIAMI﹐所以我又要離家至少兩個多月﹐怎麼說呢﹐這是我的生活方式﹐我沒理由抱怨什麼﹐我的工作性質如此﹐而我熱愛網球﹐從其中我收獲許多﹐其他的選手也一樣艱苦。所以該做什麼就做什麼﹐在運動場上便應該保持高度競爭力。

J. we wish u a great trip home and to Chile, and your fans are looking forward to greeting u for your birthday.


M. I want to thank all my fans for all the support, I love u all and I hope to give u many moments of joy this year. Take care.

Jan 14, 2007

Current Tournament-Australian Open
Safin(26) lost to Roddick(6) at 3rd round 6-7,6-2,4-6,6-7
a very close match, could've gone either way
How I expected to sing b day song to him at the semis like 2005!!! Still wish Marat the best of luck! U did fight hard, even you were injured and hurt!!

15-28 JANUARY 2007
Prize Money: AUS $19,300,000

128 DRAW

Interview Video Links (He is such a hottie!!)
現場接受訪問視頻 (笑容太迷人了)

  1. 1st round at Rod Laver Arean with Jim Courier
  • 3rd round Marat lost to A. Roddick
(26) Marat Safin (Russia) 6 6 4 6

(6) Andy Roddick (USA) 7 2 6 7

Marat's fingers were injured after falling onto the ground
Ouch.......But he did fight to the end, it really was a close match!!
What can I ask for!! That's the spirit, Marat!!

















An interview with: MARAT SAFIN

7-6, 2-6, 6-4, 7-6

Q. Start with your thoughts on the match.

MARAT SAFIN: Well, I had everything in my hands. I mean, the first set was a very important one for me. If I was a break up, if I would have won the first one, I think I would have had more chance and I would be a little bit more comfortable on the court and a little bit more confident. But unfortunately I lost my opportunity. And then even losing the second set, then he was a little bit more pumped up than me because it took me a little bit down, the first one, the opportunity there.

Q. How is your hand? Do you feel any pain?
MARAT SAFIN: Well, no, I can survive (laughter).
MS 不了﹐我還能活啦(笑)

Q. Do it get caught underneath you when you went for that volley, or how did you actually do it on the court?

MARAT SAFIN: Yeah, jumping because I slide on the surface and it took off my skin.

Q. What about the rain and the discussion with the referee?

MARAT SAFIN: This is the kind of thing that I'm so disappointed with the officials that I can't imagine how to describe what I feel. Right at that moment because you're feeling really that you have no chance of winning or prove something to them, because they just -- they are so -- they have been so pathetic on this subject. It was a joke. And I really am just so disappointed that really, the people, they are so blind, they don't want to see anything, and I'm just going to say it in front of everybody because it's a nonsense for me.
對於賽會主辦人員這樣處理我實在非常失望﹐真不知能說什麼。在那時﹐他們覺得反正我爭不贏﹐也提不出有力證據﹐因為他們﹐他們實在﹐在應變這種情況.... 很沒用﹐開玩笑的。我只是很難過﹐真的﹐那些人﹐怎麼像瞎了似的﹐也不想去正視或面對事實﹐我就是要在眾人面前說出來﹐因為簡直荒謬至極

Because they were cleaning the court from inside, but nobody cleaned the court outside. And it had been like really wet. And I'm showing to them. And the guys are saying, No, you have to play. Why I have to play? Why I have to put my health in doubt? Because we're using all the court. And if I slip and if I get injured and if something happens... No, you have to play. I said, No, I'm not playing.
他們只有清理內場﹐沒人去管外場﹐外場很濕﹐我也指給他們看了。那些傢伙竟然說﹐不管﹐你就是要上場打。為什麼我要上場呢﹐為什麼我非得把自己健康當兒戲呢。我們可是滿場跑的﹐如果我滑倒了﹑受傷了或發生什麼意外﹐怎麼辦...."不管﹐你得上場。" 我說﹐不可能﹐我不願意。

They said no, started counting. Because the guy comes and says for me it's not wet. The guy never played tennis in his entire life. He comes with the shoes that aren't even tennis shoes, and he's telling me and I'm professional and I know when it's wet and when it's not wet, and he's telling me it's not wet. How ridiculous and how the person just can be this way?
And of course the time is counting. And the guy, of course, proving to everybody that he is the guy who is ruling and he is the guy working for ITF and he can put me fine or whatever I say. If I am saying something with the F word or something he doesn't like, then I get a fine and I'm getting the warning and then the penalty point. Eventually of course I've got a warning because he says I said F word. I said, yeah, whatever, everybody says (laughter).
So anyway, it was really, really pathetic what they did today.
他們就是不處理﹐開始倒數計時。那個傢伙進來只淡淡地說他沒覺得濕﹐他這輩子也沒打過網球﹐進來時穿的鞋也不是網球鞋﹐他自己為是告訴我。我是職業球員﹐場地濕或乾自然再清楚不過了﹐他竟然就告訴我沒濕。太離譜了﹐一個人怎麼會如此。當然時間開始倒數﹐那傢伙證明他才是主宰者﹐他是網球聯盟的官員﹐也可以馬上罰我﹐或我說錯了什麼。如果我吐出了那個F 字眼或者不中聽的話﹐我會被罰款﹑然後警告﹑罰分。最後我還是被警告了﹐他說我講了F 字眼。我只是回他﹐隨便﹐誰沒講過這個字阿(笑)。總之﹐他們今天的處理方式簡直無可救藥。

Q. How close to the court were the patches that you thought were unplayable? How close to the court were they?
不能打還濕濕的地方到底多近? 離場地多近?

MARAT SAFIN: Well, just right outside of the doubles line.

Q. Right there?

MARAT SAFIN: Yeah, literally. We should have just wait three, four minutes. It doesn't kill anything. And just the guy, of course -- Andy took the momentum. The guy is absolutely putting me pressure to go and play.
Why I have to suffer? Why I have to just run around when the court is slippery?
It's not like I'm trying to prove something. Just I don't want to play when it's wet. It just takes two minutes to dry. Let's wait and then we'll play. Well, of course, because they're broadcasting on the television, so of course they have to put pressure on the players to move the match.
I'm sorry, but just two minutes doesn't make anything. So they can put another commercial . What's the big deal?
是阿﹐我們只要再等三四分鐘﹐沒有影響的。只是那傢伙﹐當然﹐那時ANDY 氣勢上來了。那傢伙逼著我一定要馬上上場。為什麼我要冒風險﹐為什麼場地很滑我還是非得比賽不可。我又不是在爭執什麼論點﹐只不過不願意場地仍然滑還冒然比賽。只需兩分鐘去擦乾﹐等一下﹐那麼我們就上去了。當然啦﹐他們在電視轉播﹐所以施加壓力給選手快點進行比賽。但﹐很抱歉﹐兩分鐘真那麼難嗎﹐他們可以先放個廣告﹐到底有什麼大不了的?

Q. At one stage it looked like you had two opponents, Andy and the umpire, given those sort of circumstances. But did you try and get over it rather quickly and refocus on the match or did it bother you for a while because I noticed at a couple of points the umpire called a ball out and then it was challenged and it was actually in, and it happened on two occasions.
有段時間在那樣的情況之下﹐你像是有兩個敵人﹐ANDY 跟主審。你有否試著忘掉它繼續專心比賽﹐還是你久久困擾著... 因為我發現有兩次﹐主審喊了出界你挑戰﹐而球確實是進的。

MARAT SAFIN: Well, he's a really nice guy outside of the court. Nothing against anybody. But on the court, you have to stop with this thing of I'm your friend. We are out of the court, and we have to forget it. He's getting paid for this. I'm getting paid for what I'm doing. We have to deal with the situation. Then he's overruling the ball that is in. So if you are so sure, it must be out, but he's overruling the linesman. The ball is going 250 kilometers per hour. He's overruling. I am challenging the ball is in. And he says, Listen, I made a mistake. So in this case, what should I do? Put him a fine? No, I cannot do that.
場外他是個好人喔﹐對他我沒有偏見。但是在場上﹐你不能跟我來這套-我們是朋友嘛。如果我們下場﹐就要忘記一切了。他拿薪水辦事﹐我也是﹐所以事情一定要辦好。明明一個好球﹐他改判出界.......如果你很確定﹐那就真的是出界﹐他卻是改判線審﹐球速250公里左右﹐他改判﹐我挑戰證實是進的。然後他說﹐聽好啦﹐我犯了一個錯。像這樣無奈的情況﹐我能怎麼辦? 罰他錢嗎﹐我又不能。

Whatever I was saying, what I was saying in Russian, he's saying, Listen, be careful what you're saying. So he's all over me and all over every person who's playing on the edge of doing something wrong. He's already putting you pressure.
And then afterwards they are complaining that we're not showing any emotion. So where is this barrier to make sure that we have and everybody understands? Afterwards we're fighting because we're not showing anything, and then we are fighting on the court because we are showing too much.

Q. It looked to me as if he was trying to prove he was right.

MARAT SAFIN: But just in a way I wanted to get out of the situation that I was a little bit too much in a match and I was getting a little bit too nervous about it. So it kind of was also a subject for me just to loosen up a little bit, shout at him and whatever (laughter). And getting a warning, I think, was pretty good, and I had my opportunity. But just the fact it was a little bit too much for this kind of a match and full crowd. Andy was playing great. We both were playing great.
What I was asking was just for two minutes of a pause and that's it, and give us a little bit of a chance just to rest. What's the big deal?
其實我也想脫離爭執﹐因為我太投入﹐搞得自己有些緊張。所以﹐當時也該適時放鬆﹑釋放一下壓力啦﹐只好對他吼一吼或幹嘛囉 (笑)﹐之後就被警告了﹐我想﹐很好阿﹐我也逮住機會了。只是這樣全場爆滿的比賽變成如此是過頭了 (這裡他語焉有些不詳...我只好自己琢磨了)。ANDY 打得很好﹐我們都打得很好。我要求的不過是兩分鐘而已﹐讓我們也能藉此喘息﹐有那麼大不了嗎

Q. Thankfully it moved on and the match was very good.

MARAT SAFIN: Thank you for that.

Q. Do you see differences or improvement in Roddick since the last time you played him?
跟上次交手比較﹐你查覺到ANDY 有何不同或進步嗎

MARAT SAFIN: Yeah, well, he's more solid. At first, he couldn't volley. He was having a lot of problems with his backhand even the one he just was playing crosscourt. Right now the guy is moving. You have to move him around to be able to catch the backhand on the run. Otherwise he's very confident, very solid player from the baseline. Jimmy, I think he did a great job and he's putting pressure. He's trying to go to the net. And I think he's -- Jimmy, he's doing a pretty good job with him.
是阿﹐他更紮實了。以前﹐他不太能截擊﹐反拍有問題-甚至只是打個對角線球。現在﹐他移位敏捷﹐你要用力調動讓他不得不在跑動中打反拍﹐反正他很有自信﹐底線也穩。我覺得JIMMY(ANDY的教練)的確帶得很好﹐ANDY 不斷在進攻﹐頻頻上網﹐JIMMY 跟ANDY合作相當成功 。

Q. How close are you to being back at the level you were two years ago?

MARAT SAFIN: Very far (laughter). Unfortunately very far. Because the problem is that I had a very difficult career because I've been injured every second year. So whenever I was playing good, I was getting injured. To come back, the guys are already moving on and improving the game. And Federer is so far away that nobody is going to catch him maybe in 20 years. And Roddick is improving. And Nadal -- I never played against Nadal because I was getting injured and never getting close to him.
The fact of coming back, it's very important to try to come back quickly and try to catch up with other guys. But it takes much longer time, and of course you have to be much stronger mentally, improving, working twice hard as the other guys.
差得太遠了(笑)﹐唉﹐很不幸還早呢。困擾我的就是職業生涯之路太岐嶇了﹐每兩年就受傷。狀態好時﹐就開始傷病。好不容易復出﹐大家早就進步一大截到另一個層次﹐而 FEDERER 是遠遠超越大家﹐大概20年都沒人能趕過他﹐RODDICK 也在進步。還有NADAL呢﹐因為受傷﹐我都還沒有機會跟他接觸或對陣比賽。復出這檔事嘛﹐一定要越快進入狀況跟上別人﹐但是那需要時間呀﹐自然你的意志力要十分堅定﹐持續提昇自己﹐比別人加倍努行才行。

Q. You were saying that the older you get the more you think of goals and that sort of thing. Do you think you thought too much? You seemed really tentative giving the initiative away.
你之前說人越老﹐對於目標之類的事情想越多。你自認想太多嗎? 你好像很猶豫

MARAT SAFIN: When you are starting to feel the momentum, you kind of recede. But sometimes it's a little bit tough for yourself to push it and try to make sure that you are playing more aggressive. Sometimes you wait a little bit for the mistakes so you try and be too smart. The simple thing is that you just have to move, play more aggressive and maybe lower percentage.
But otherwise if you try to make him make any mistakes, unforced errors, it's a little bit less injury, and that's what happened today. I was waiting too much for his mistakes, and that cost me the match.

Q. Do you think you still have it in you to be a competitor with the best players? It would be a terrible shame if you started to think you weren't.

MARAT SAFIN: No, no, no, I'm trying to be positive actually after this match. I'm been very close to win it, and it could be the other way around, that's for sure. I think if I continue this way, just it will start -- it will be better and better, I'm very sure. I'm not on the negative side, that's for sure, but just has to be a little bit of positive activity and more aggressive, and everything is going to be all right.

Q. How tired were you at the end of the fourth set? How were your legs feeling?
第四盤結束後有多累? 雙腳覺得如何

MARAT SAFIN: After the first I was pretty tired. But then after the second I was pretty good. Fourth I was there, but just everything that fall on my head, opportunities, fighting with everybody, the chair umpires, getting the warnings, that kind of... Physically I was pretty okay.

End of FastScript

  • 2nd round Marat bt D. Sela
(26) Marat Safin (Russia) 6 5 4 7 6
(q) Dudi Sela (Israel) 3 7 6 6 0

Marat is one of the friendliest players on the tour.
He always signs as many as he can!!!!!

waiting for a big change during rain delay


Happy female fans holding Marat's head and not letting go,
Marat giving them towels as gifts for cheering for him!!!







2nd round post match--An interview with: MARAT SAFIN

The first four sets were a bit of a struggle. The rain came and then you dominated. What was the story of the match?

Well, I kind of was playing pretty well, actually the first set and a half, and I was serving for -- I think I was serving for the second set, and then I just lost a little bit the rhythm of the match and I lost a little bit -- yeah, the rhythm. And then I was struggling for about two sets, then I couldn't understand what to do and I couldn't really serve. I was struggling on my serve, couldn't return his. And whatever I was doing, he was making passing shots all the way around the court, running around, making great -- he was full of energy, great spirit, and I just couldn't find the key. And then the rain came and changed everything because otherwise I don't think I would win if the rain doesn't come. I was lost.
嗯﹐第一盤及第二盤前半段我打得很好﹐第二盤也正發球拿下﹐不知怎著突就失去節奏了。之後的兩盤我非常掙扎﹐不知所措﹐也發不了球。自己的球發不好﹐接發也沒頭緒﹐之後不管我採用什麼戰術 ﹐他總是滿場跑﹐一球一球穿越﹐表現優異﹐體力充沛﹐士氣高昂﹐我卻是一點辦法也沒有。之後開始下起雨﹐及時雨逆轉了一切﹐如果沒有那場雨﹐我不可能贏的。

What did you say to yourself in the break when the rain was coming?


No, just that the most important thing is just to go to the tiebreak, and the tiebreak is just a different story. He's not really a big server, and I would have my opportunities, and that's what happened. I served wide, perfect, and then it give me a little bit of confidence and then it went to a tiebreak and I knew already that I would have to push a little bit and everything is going to be all right.

How aware were you that the rain was coming? Could you feel that the rain was coming?

Well, it start drizzling a little bit before, and then it stopped. Actually I couldn't see the ball because I asked for the lights because it started to get dark and I cannot really see very well. It was tough conditions and I was trying to make some changes, just something to change because of the way everything was going. And on the same -- down the highway, one-way ticket, and there was no chance for me to break him. So I asked for the lights. I asked them to stop the match because it was really a little bit slippery, so I just wanted to stop the match. I wasn't an @!#$, but (laughter) I used the opportunity.
嗯﹐一開始是毛毛細雨﹐之後停了。那時我看不到球﹐天色也有些暗﹐我要求開燈﹐我覺得視線不清。那時陷入僵局﹐我一直試著要突破﹐突破那樣的頹勢。可是就好想是單程車票般﹐坐上車都回不來似的﹐我就是破不了他。所以我要求開燈﹐之後要求停賽﹐因為場地開始越來越滑﹐我不想繼續。我不是個 $@%$ (笑笑)﹐不過我適時利用了這個機會。

You used it to your advantage?

你利用這個機會﹐對你有利 ?

Yeah, but it was reasonable.

You've beaten Andy Roddick in the semifinal in Moscow in September. Do you think that might have an influence on your third-round match over here?

Well, it's a different story. It's not Davis Cup. It's not clay court. It's a hard court. It's playing pretty well. It's a new season. If it's Roger Federer in exhibition Kooyong he is full of confidence. He struggled a little bit in the first round and today he looked very solid, serving big. But I am already 100 percent into the game and I had two tough matches, so it's kind of also an advantage for me because I already have been running for seven hours on the court and I'm already warmed up.

You had another experience with rain at this tournament and it worked out well for you, as well, again. Tommy Haas?
在澳網﹐有一次也是下雨﹐你最後也有了好結果。是TOMMY HAAS吧

Yeah. You remember this even (laughter). Yeah, it's kind of surprising. Against Tommy it came down all of a sudden. I couldn't even expect. And then all of a sudden it rained and they closed the roof and it was a completely different ballgame. The same like today, just -- I was lucky it started to rain a little bit stronger, because before like I said it was drizzling a little bit and they didn't want to close the roof. So this time I said, No chance. I'm not going to play. I'm not going to risk it, and I just took advantage.
沒錯﹐你還記得阿(笑)。是﹐那有點意外。對HAAS 時﹐我一時熄了火﹐都不知有什麼轉機﹐結果突然天空下起雨來﹐他們關起屋頂﹐情勢變成大逆轉。今天也是一樣﹐我很幸運﹐又下雨了越下越大﹐因為如我剛所說﹐一開始只是細雨﹐他們不願意關屋頂。後來雨漸漸大﹐我說這樣的情況我不願意進行下去。我不想冒險﹐也幸運地取得一些優勢

What's the dynamic with you and Andy? How does the match decide itself? How does it play out?
你跟RODDICK 的比賽是怎樣的對陣呢﹐勝負取決於什麼

Well, he improved his game. He changed a little bit. He started to improve his backhand, and he's playing a little bit more solid. Other than that, he's using more his serve and he's not running around the baseline. He's trying to go forward and take position at the net. So I don't know, it's very important for us, for both of us, I guess, who is going to be more aggressive at the beginning of the match and who will take the opportunities and who will choke first (laughter). So it's kind of interesting match for both of us. I think he's looking forward. I think he was watching my match and studying me as well as I was studying him, and hopefully it's going to be interesting. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a late match. So let's see how it goes.

These two particular five-setters, how do you feel physically?

Like I said, warmed up. Well, I'm not really tired, but these kind of matches actually gives me opportunity. Maybe it's a little bit too long, but otherwise I would need one or two matches like this to get the rhythm of the game. Because I lost it a little bit and I was struggling in the first match with the rhythm, and I was all the time making -- I was in the wrong place all the time. I couldn't see the ball right and I couldn't move, and I was a little bit too nervous, like too stiff. And today was completely different. I started to hit the ball pretty well. We were playing around, volleys, serving, that sort of thing. I think it gave me some kind of a confidence, but I'm not tired.

Can you compare the coaches, Volkov against Jimmy Connors?

Well, Volkov beat him once and he retired after this match (laughter). Both lefties, both talented players. Of course Jimmy achieved much more. But I think they have pretty similar view of tennis because of the things that Connors is doing with Andy is pretty similar that Alex wants to do with me. So I guess it's all generation classics and same era of tennis.
嗯﹐VOLKOV 曾擊敗 CONNORS 一次﹐這場比賽後跟著退休了(笑)。兩個人都是左撇子﹐都極具天份。當然﹐CONNORS 成就遠勝過VOLKOV。不過我想﹐他們兩看待網球都有相同觀點﹐因為CONNORS 指導RODDICK 的方向就跟 VOLKOV 對我的一樣。他們都是一代的精英﹐同一個時期的網球。

So he wants you to move ahead all the time then, Alex?
所以VOLKOV 叫你要常常上網嗎

Yeah, well, there's not much you can do from the baseline, because from the baseline everyone is playing pretty well. There's a lot of guys that they can stay forever, so there is no fun for me also to run around with 1 meter 95 for running around to the baseline at the age of 27. Looks a little bit ridiculous. So to make my life a little bit easier and to use my height and my serve a little bit to put a little bit of pressure and to try to look for something at the net even though they are passing me on that, but at least be more aggressive and look for the life at the net, not at the baseline.

Had you seen Sela before, and were familiar with his game? How familiar were you with his ability?
你遇過SELA 嗎﹐他的打法跟現在類似嗎。你對他的能力瞭解多少

Well, I knew he was a really good junior. He warmed me up maybe four or five years ago in Roland Garros before a match, and afterwards, I never saw him. All of a sudden he appeared here. He qualified to beat Srichaphan. He's a very decent player. He's kind of similar to Rochus, but great talent, good legs. He sees the ball pretty early and he knows what he's doing. Pretty smart and he's using his advantages.

Will you be getting a chance to watch your sister play at all this week?

Well, yeah, if she's playing in -- if they're going to show it on TV. I'm looking forward. But I didn't see her this morning.

How well do you think she'll go this year?


Well, I know what kind of a draw she has. She won the tournament the first week of the year. She beat Hingis. I saw that match, and I think she's doing pretty well with her coach. She improved a lot. She's top ten, and I'm pretty sure she's fit and she's ready to win, and I think she can go far.

How many five-setters do you think you have in your body at this tournament?

As many as I need to win (laughter). Getting better.



No problem. If you get me to the final, I will run as many as you want.

I don't think you've ever lost a five-setter here.

Well, let's knock on wood.

FastScripts by ASAP Sports

  • 1st round Marat df B. Becker
(26) Marat Safin (Russia) 5 7 3 6 6
Benjamin Becker (Germany) 7 6 6 3 4




1RD Post-match conference and photos


Q. Do you like these late-night matches?
MARAT SAFIN: Not really fun.
Q 喜歡這樣很晚的比賽嗎
MS 不是太喜歡

Q. Not really fun?
Q 不好玩嗎
MS 一點也不

Q. You have a knack of giving the fans good value for money at that time of night.
MARAT SAFIN: Half of them, they left after the first two sets with us it was quite boring. We had to stay. I cannot say it was really a beautiful match, but it was a lot of fighting. I guess some people that stayed, they really enjoyed it.
Q 今天來看你的球迷可真是值回票價啦
MS 有一半的人﹐在兩盤之後就離我們而去﹐實在很無聊﹐可是我們又非留下來不可。我不能說這是場精彩的比賽﹐不過有不少纏鬥﹐留下來的球迷應該還覺得挺享受的。

Q. Given you're still on the comeback from injuries last year, do you think it's good to get a five-setter under your belt early in the tournament?
MARAT SAFIN: It's kind of difficult to play. I've been injured for such a long time. There's a lot of things that really are giving me some trouble, for me to stay and for me to start the year, start to move on the court in a tournament. It's completely different to the practice. Once you're injured with the knee, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the movement on the courts, the tough conditions. A five-set match, actually last set I played pretty well. Hopefully everything will go okay and I'm moving all right. But it's -- even a little bit unlucky tonight you can lose this match, so...
Q 你還在傷病復出漸漸爬昇的階段﹐在比賽前幾輪打五盤大賽有益表現嗎
MS 很困難呀﹐都傷那麼久了。有很多事深深困擾著我﹐我得等待到今年年初﹐開始在球場競賽。練習跟比賽是完全兩回事﹐如果你膝蓋有傷﹐在場上移位腳法都有一陣子才能適應﹐不容易。這場五盤賽﹐最後一盤我打得很好...希望未來順利﹐而我也能夠自由奔跑--雖然今晚運氣不太好差點都要輸球了﹐所以......

Q. Were there stages tonight where you thought you were going to lose it?
MARAT SAFIN: Yeah. Well, after third set, I couldn't really find my game. I didn't believe in myself that I could pull this one off. I was lucky. He missed a couple of shots. Maybe it's a little bit lack of experience, so I took advantage of this. When I had my chance, I took them. He made a couple of easy mistakes that he shouldn't have. They were unnecessary mistakes from him. He just threw the balls out, forehand, backhand, that was it. It was a break without doing anything.
Q 比賽中有哪些時候你覺得自己快要輸掉了嗎
MS 是阿﹐嗯﹐在第三盤之後﹐我真的打不出節奏﹐也不相信自己能撐過去。我有點運氣﹐他犯了些失誤﹐也許是我經驗較豐富﹐所以把握住機會了﹐當我有機會時﹐我沒放掉﹐他犯了些不該犯的失誤﹐可惜的失誤﹐他就這麼正手﹑反手把球都打飛掉了﹐我也沒什麼大作為便破發他。

Q. You've come here before off long-term injuries, time-outs, had to play some long matches, then made it to the final. Do you draw confidence from that for this campaign?
MARAT SAFIN: Well, hopefully. Hopefully this match will give me enough confidence to keep on going, because the other match is going to be tough. The guy beat Srichaphan. The draw is pretty tough, so these kind of matches, sooner or later you need to, because these kind of matches, they give you the confidence.
Q 你曾經也因為傷病休養很久復出﹐一路艱辛地打多盤大賽﹐最後殺決賽。從那次的經驗可曾獲得自信
MS 希望是這樣。希望這場比賽能給我足夠的信心走下去﹐因為接下來的挑戰更困難﹐那球員打敗Srichaphan﹐簽表看起來也挺嚇人的﹐因此這樣的比賽﹐你總會從中累積出信心的。

Q. Pretty good record in five sets. When you lose in the fifth set, it's close. Do you go to a fifth set with a special frame of mind?
MARAT SAFIN: Well, kind of. I don't know for some reason I'm going to the fifth set a little bit more positive than I used to be before for some reason. But today, this kind of match, I knew I will have a chance in the fifth set because the guy started to be a little bit tired. He started to make a little bit easy mistakes, like shooting the forehand and the backhand. He was not serving as hard as he was serving at the beginning of the first couple of sets. I knew that I just have to stay with him. I would say that I was not a hundred percent today on the court. I was missing a lot of shots. Movement was terrible. But then in the end of fourth, fifth set, I started to move a little better because he slowed down. For me, this kind of match gives me a little bit of confidence and get used to the courts, to the speed of the ball. Fifth set, just have to stay there against this kind of player because sooner or later they going to snap because they don't have enough, I would say, experience because he's a newcomer. He didn't play really a lot of matches with fifth set. I have to take advantage of this.
Q 你的五盤比賽戰績很不錯﹐即便輸球也都很接近。當你面臨這樣的比賽﹐心態是什麼
MS 嗯﹐好像是。自己也不知為什麼﹐現在比賽若要進入第五盤我的想法比以前正面多了。今天﹐這樣的比賽﹐我很清楚第五盤會有希望的﹐因為感覺對手開始漸漸疲累了﹐發球不像前幾盤那麼凶猛。我知道只要自己撐住就有機會﹐今天我的狀態 不在100%﹐不只失誤連連﹐移位也糟﹐不過進入到第四盤後段﹐我越來越順暢而他卻慢了下來。對我而言﹐這樣五盤賽事不只提昇自信﹐也幫助我更適應場地和球速。第五盤﹐就是穩住陣腳﹐因為對方是新秀經驗不夠﹐早晚會出差錯的。他並沒有打過太多五盤三勝的比賽﹐所以我趁虛而入拿下比賽。

Q. You said your movement was not that good. Was that the explanation, why you were a little bit off with your forehands?
MARAT SAFIN: Well, yeah. Forehand was terrible today. Just nervous, like a normal person. Because you want to do well, it's a new year. Last year was terrible from the beginning till almost the end of it. Starting from a blank list, you want to do well. The expectations are a little bit too high. Maybe the bar is a little bit too high. Maybe you just want to get through the first round. Of course, you start to be nervous.
Q 你說自己移位不佳......這也是你正手老是出問題的原因嗎
MS 是阿。今天的正拍好糟﹐就是很緊張﹐像個平凡人一樣緊張呀。你想要好好表現﹐這是一年的開始。去年從年初到年尾幾乎都很慘。 今年是嶄新的賽季﹐你想有個好的開始﹐自己期許太高﹐也許期許過高吧。也許只是想通過第一輪﹐當然﹐想到這些就忍不住緊張起來了。

Q. Do you feel like you're the defending champion?
MARAT SAFIN: No, far away. I just want to try to break through to the top 20. Just it's tough because really so many years on tour you start to think a little bit too much. When you're young, you don't think about things that you are thinking at age of 28, 26, 27. That's why it's difficult to play when you're getting older.
Q 你覺得自己像是衛冕冠軍者嗎
MS 不﹐還差遠呢。我只想突破前20。不過似乎很難阿﹐大概因為你巡迴很多年﹐隨著時間你越想越多。年輕氣盛時你很單純﹐不會像26﹑27﹑28歲的人想東想西。所以年紀愈大﹐比賽是愈加困難的。

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