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Oct 28, 2007

Marat Gathering with Himalaya Expedition Comrades MARAT 跟喜馬拉雅成功攻頂的伙伴們聚會





Oct 22, 2007

Another article posted in the following site:
Who can be so foolish, so blind as to mock him?
"grendel says:
本文作者 grendel: 於上面BLOG的留言
Safin a spoiled brat? That’s just risible. He’s one of the very few players who is absolutely open and honest. You know when you read his interviews that he is speaking the truth - there is absolutely no looking over his shoulder to whoever might be listening. He seeks to impress nobody, and care nothing for the opinions of others. He is candid about his own shortcomings, and funny about them too. Eurosport filmed him shortly before his magnificent comeback, after a long spell away due to injury, in Australia (he beat Roddick and Agassi and ran out of gas against Fed in the final). He was being questioned about his training and general conditioning, and admitted he found it tough. “Nobody likes work,” he said disarmingly. Rings kind of true, doesn’t it, for most of us. Asked recently about Davydenko and the betting imbroglio, he said he knew nothing about it and cared less. He had his own problems and had enough trouble dealing with them. None of the prurient glee of the fulminating moralist, no pompous sermonising - and above all, no pleasure in gossip. This is a man without humbug.
"薩芬是個被寵壞的小孩? " 那真是笑話。他是少數幾個完全公開又坦率的球員。當你在讀他的專訪時你知道他句句真心﹐你不必探頭探腦去瞭解聽眾到底是誰。他從不刻意給誰留下美好印象﹐也不在乎別人的意見。對於自己的缺點﹐他是那麼誠實公正﹐同時也常有趣地自嘲著那些缺點。EUROSPORT 於澳洲在他受傷﹐澳網奇跡性復出之旅前 (04年)﹐為他製作一段影片 (那次復出﹐他擊敗 RODDICK﹐ AGASSI﹐在決賽因太過勞累負於FEDERER)﹐其中他被問到休息期間的打球及體能訓練的情形﹐他承認這一切都很辛苦﹐不假思索地說著"沒人喜歡工作啦"﹔對大部份的人來說﹐心有戚戚焉﹐是實話﹐不是嗎 ? 有人問他DAVYDENKO 最近牽扯的賭搏傳聞﹐他表示對此事毫無瞭解更不在意﹐他自己的問題跟困擾都多地夠他煩心了。種種談論裡完全沒有義正言辭地顯露所謂的道德價值觀去討好誰﹑也沒有誇大虛偽的說教 - 最重要的是﹐他對道人八卦沒有興趣。這個人是個不欺瞞好樣的。

Of course, he is a serious underachiever - how could he not be, as the only talent comparable to Federer’s over the last twenty years. Of course it is a puzzle, although big men like him are prone to injury and perhaps not a lot could have been done about that. Still, there is something else. I have always seen Safin as a sort of Russian Hamlet - a man gifted with a simple love of life and yet also tortured by indecision. There seems to be huge self-doubt in his makeup. Macenroe’s old doubles partener Peter Fleming put his finger on it, I suspect, when he says that some players who are happy at the #15 mark become thoroughly alarmed if they get to, say, #5. And so on. Safin had all the attributes of a great # 1, except self-belief. At some unconscious level, he wanted nothing to do with those rareified heights. Felt uncomfortable there, as if he didn’t belong. Thus Fleming, and I buy his theory.
當然﹐他的成就遠低於他的才賦 - 怎麼會這樣﹐在過去20年﹐﹐他是唯一擁有能與FEDERER抗衡天份的人呀。自然﹐這是一個謎﹐雖然他的高大身材本來就容易導致傷病﹐或許能解釋一部分﹐但﹐還有其他的因素。在我眼裡﹐SAFIN 就像是俄羅斯的哈姆雷特 - 一個天賦異秉熱愛生命卻又終生為優柔寡斷所困的男人。似乎﹐他總是自我懷疑。Macenroe 的老雙打搭檔Peter Fleming 說﹐一些選手當他們進入前15名時﹐對於跨入...比方說前五名的門檻會時時勞記在心。薩芬具有所有成為偉大世界第一的要素﹐但就是無法相信自己。潛意識中﹐他好像不想身處於那不勝寒的高處﹐感覺很不自在﹐好像自己並不屬於那裡似的。因此﹐Fleming ,和我﹐覺得這理論應該成立吧。

People like Nadal and Djokovic are natural, fierce competitors with no fear of being #1. Too early to say, but I suspect Murray belongs there too. But Gasquet who, like Safin, has more talent than any of them, will never get there. He’s the French Hamlet. Malisse, too. Then you have players like Nalbandian and Lopez, certainly players with the raw ability to be in the top 5 or 6. Something stops them, not agonising in their case, hard to say what.
像NADAL 跟DJOKOVIC 這樣的人天生是可怕的競爭者﹐對於"稱霸" 一事無所畏懼。現在說或許太久﹐我猜 MURRARY也有這種特質。但是 GASQUET﹐有如薩芬﹐擁有比他們更優異的天份﹐卻永遠不太可能達到第一。他是法國的哈姆雷特﹐ Malisse也是。有些球員如 NALBANDIAN和LOPEZ﹐都有紮實的基本功夫足以排名前五﹑六。某些原因使他們困著﹐他們沒像前者那麼痛苦掙扎就是﹐至於是什麼原因也很難理出所以然來。

But Safin, Safin. When he was singing, he was a force of nature, glorious to behold. His tenure was brief - but whilst it lasted, there was nothing like it. Who can be so foolish, so blind as to mock him?"
但是薩芬呀﹐薩芬。當他高歌起舞時﹐他的力量是那麼渾然天成﹐賞心悅目! 他畢竟不可能在網壇待幾十年﹐即便短暫﹐只要他沒退役﹐世上找不到相似者。誰會如此愚笨﹑盲目去嘲弄輕蔑這樣的一個人呢 ?
thank you grendel, who ever you may be
謝謝你 grendel ﹐不管你究竟是誰

Oct 21, 2007

Marat's Thoughts of Ending his season and Response to an Insulting Ariticle publish in (by J. Martin)
From OS

20 October 2007
Dear Fans

A lot of things have happened lately and with the season finishing early for Marat after some difficult times, we would like to share Marat's thoughts and vision for the upcoming year with his fans. And also to give our response to an insulting article recently published on a well known site which some of you have seen and commented on.
最近發生了很多事﹐MARAT經歷重重困難提前結束本年賽事﹐我們團隊想要跟各位球迷分享MARAT的想法及對未來一年的展望﹔同時﹐也對最近你們可能都已讀過也批評過的一篇污衊MARAT 的文章作出回應。

Marat has decided with Madrid to end his season mainly because of the following facts.
First of all to give a complete rest to his wrist. It is still niggling and he does not want to further aggravate it at this stage because he does not want to go into next year with the niggle and does not want the wrist to bother him next year.
在馬德里大師杯後MARAT 決定提前休兵的原因有以下幾點。

Secondly he felt with all that has happened in the last year, it would be wiser to start his "off" time earlier than usual and also to be able to start his preparation much earlier to ensure than he is of maximum fitness for challenging 2008.

As we wrote in the article before he truly feels that the Davis Cup team has four players better than him and his absence will not be felt that much as there are the people willing and able to take Russia successfully through the final.
至於DAVIS CUP﹐在之前官網聲明稿裡我們已經明白表示﹐俄羅斯現今有四位比他優秀的選手﹐就算他缺席也不會對俄國隊有影響﹐因為有很多球員願意也有能力為國盡力並順利贏得決賽。

For this reason he made his decision and will stick to it. He will be supporting the team in spirit and willing them on.

Recently an article was published on the Internet by the editor of under his "Viewpoint" which was trying to put a smear on Marat's situation plus making recommendations re things he should do for the future.This "article" was written by someone who pretends to be a fan of Marat Safin.
最近在 編輯者以他自己主觀的"觀點"發表一篇文章﹐試圖污衊 MARAT 的困境﹐雪上加霜﹐甚至擅自建議 MARAT 未來應該如何。這篇所謂的"文章" 是一位佯裝是 MARAT 的球迷所寫的。

Neither Marat nor his website has ever in the past made a point of commenting on things that appear in the media because throughout his career Marat has always maintained a great relationship with all channels of the media - be it written, TV or radio - always been available when asked for interviews etc, respected their work and treated them with dignity.
MARAT 或他的官網伙伴﹐在他職業生涯以來﹐從來對媒體的任何報導不予置評﹐ MARAT 始終跟各類媒體﹐不管是文字的﹑電視或廣播都保持友好關係﹐也十分配合專訪邀約﹐他尊重他們的工作也肯定媒體神聖莊嚴的地位。

Now for the first time an article is written on a "respected" website and this article was full of hate - really patronizing and vicious in its comments and aimed at hurting Marat, his reputation, his past contribution and achievements in the field of tennis.
但是這是第一次﹐一個備受尊崇的網站寫出如此充滿恨意的文章 - 儼然一付給予MARAT 恩惠似的﹐底子裡卻是惡毒的評論﹐意在傷害 MARAT﹑否定他的名譽﹑過去的貢獻及他在網壇的一切成就。

Marat himself was very insulted by this article that was brought to his attention for the very reasons stated above.
由於上述理由﹐MARAT 本人感到極受污辱踐踏。

To try and attempt to under estimate Marat's past achievements in tennis and for his country and to try and present him as someone who doesn't respect the game of tennis or what tennis has done for him, is totally misleading and a deliberate attempt at muck raking.
本篇文章從頭到尾意圖 低估/否決MARAT 過去的成就﹑他對國家的付出﹐把他醜化成一個不把網球當一回事的痞子﹐亦不珍惜網球所帶給他的一切﹐這些指控完全誤導事實﹐根本是有意刺傷MARAT 。

Marat loves the game of tennis ( the reason why he came back to play this year even though he had decided after the US Open to write the rest of the season off). On every occasion during interviews he has always said how much tennis has done for him and how grateful he is for the life it has given him. To imply that he doesn't care is a total misrepresentation. There aren't too many players around the world today that can proudly present two Grand Slam Titles, Five Masters Series Titles and Two Davis Cup Titles for his country.
MARAT 熱愛網球 (這也是為什麼在美網後本來打算結束﹐還是又再度回到網壇參賽)。不管在什麼專訪或記者會﹐他總不斷強調網球帶給他許多﹐能有這樣的生活他有多感激。文章裡暗示他根本不在乎實在完全扭曲MARAT。 世界上沒有幾個球員能光榮地拿出兩個大滿貫獎杯﹑五個大師杯冠軍﹑及兩次為國爭光的DAVIS CUP 冠軍頭銜。

One of the reasons why Marat's popularity has always exceeded his ranking was not only because of his cheerful smile (and he really does have one!!) but also his kindness, honesty and most of all his sensitivity which all make up the personality which so many people want around on the tour these days.
一直以來MARAT 的人氣遠高於他的排名的原因﹐是他迷人的笑容 (他的笑管的確迷人 !)﹐除此之外﹐就是他的親切善良﹑誠實正直及他的感性個性﹐而那正是今日球迷們在網壇裡尋尋覓覓難得一見的。

We his team, friends and fans have all been insulted by the inferences made by the writer in his "Viewpoint". As the editor - what right does he have to make such damming innuendos about Marat? And to say he should give up and go play poker is such that the man who "wrote" this has no idea as to the actual man Marat Safin is.
我們﹐身為他的團隊伙伴﹑朋友﹑球迷都被這位作者偏執的" 觀點" 深受污辱傷害。作為一位編輯﹐他有何權利如此邪惡不負責任諷刺 MARAT ? 聲稱MARAT應該高掛球拍退休去玩撲克牌﹐這樣的人﹐"寫"這種東西﹐根本不懂 馬拉特薩芬是怎樣一個有血有肉的男子漢!

We are all open to criticism and opposition from others but not when it comes in a wrong and unjustified manner.

Many fans of Marat have expressed their disgust at the manner of the writing of this article and while certain points are the truth - the innuendos made are not.
MARAT 很多球迷早已對於寫這文章的態度表達不齒﹐雖然內容裡某些陳述沒錯﹐但那些諷刺絕對不是事實。

Marat is the first to be aware of his situation, his obligation to tennis and the challenges still lying ahead of him. If he wasn't committed to tennis he wouldn't be even thinking of them. He looks forward that together with hard work and your (the fans) support, 2008 will be a successful year for him. More than once in his career - mainly after his injuries - there were people who slated him and said he should retire. But Marat has no need to prove anything to anyone and as it happens he enjoys and is committed to the sport of tennis he loves.
MARAT 比誰都更早意識到自己目前的困境﹑他被賦予的責任及未來嚴厲的挑戰。如果他不是全心投入網球﹐他不可能去思考這些問題。他期望自己將來的努力與你們(球迷)的支持﹐ 2008年會是成功豐收的一年 。這不是他職業生涯的第一次被公然羞辱 - 主要幾次都是在他受傷後﹐總有很多人污衊他應該退休。不過﹐MARAT 不需要 對任何人證明他對網球的熱愛與付出。

He will do his utmost to bring a smile back to the faces of his fans once again. And lets all keep holding on to that thought that the man who has brought us so much joy will do so again.
他會再次帶著微笑面對球迷的﹐而且別忘了這個給我們很多歡樂的 MARAT 的承諾﹐耐心等待他再次給我們無限驚喜。

As so many people keep pointing out - tennis needs him and one insincere "fan" is not going to stop Marat's commitment to bring joy to those who love tennis.
就如很多人說的 - 網壇需要他﹐一個不真誠的"球迷" 是不可能阻止MARAT 奉獻一切給熱愛網球球迷的決心!!

Marat would like to say once again to his fans with deep sincerity -
再次﹐MARAT 由衷誠摯地感謝他的球迷 -
"Thank you for all your support and for being there for me during this time."

Webby and his team

photos from

Oct 19, 2007


Thursday 18 October 2007

Marat was not very happy with his standard of play at the Madrid Masters and has decided after discussion with his coach Hernan Gumy and his management that it would be better to finish his 2007 season now. His mountain adventure which he thoroughly enjoyed, took him out of his rythm and also left him with no energy. He thought he was ready coming back in Moscow but found that the stress of playing back to back tournaments was too much and his body just was not ready to cope with it. He thought he could play at a good level but it didn't happen.

He will take some time off to get his energy levels back and then in 3 weeks time will meet with his coach and they will spend a long period of practice time in Valencia - cleaning up his game and working hard on his approach, his work ethic and his general attitude to the year ahead. The intention is to be ready for the Australian season. Marat knows his ranking will drop but feels it is better to get himself ready for the new season rather than push at this stage.

He will not play in the Davis Cup Final in the US. Basically the Davis Cup team left it up to him to make the decision and Marat decided that right now there are 4 better players than him who are in form and can make sure they play to the best of their ability for Russia. Recently Davydenko won Moscow again and Tursunov won in Bangkok - both on hardcourts which is the surface that the Final will be played on. Marat was proud to be involved in the run up to the Final and has every faith in his fellow players that they will perform to their very best ability for Russia and make it a hard contest against the US.

Marat would like to say thank you to all his fans for their love and support this year through the difficult times and hopes they will continue to support him as he strives to find the level he needs to play well again.

Oct 15, 2007

15–21 OCTOBER, 2007
Prize Money: EURO 2,082,500 (EURO 1,870,000)
48 DRAW (the Top 16 have a Bye in the 1st round)


Nalbandian Claims First ATP Masters Series Shield after Historic Run in Madrid

© Getty Images
David NalbandianDavid Nalbandian (pictured) became the third player since 1994 to defeat the world's top three players in consecutive matches after defeating No. 1 Roger Federer 1-6,
6-3, 6-3 to win his first ATP Masters Series title in Madrid Sunday. In doing so he salvaged a disappointing season by his high standards: The Argentine had reached just one quarterfinal this year coming into Madrid.

But after rallying from a set down in his opening two matches (d. Clement, Berdych), Nalbandian produced his best tennis of the season, defeating Juan Martin del Potro in straight sets in the third round, World No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals and No. 3 Novak Djokovic in the semifinals before snapping a four-match losing streak against No. 1 Federer in the final.

Djokovic defeated the world's top three players (No. 3 Roddick, No. 2 Nadal and No. 1 Federer) in consecutive matches to claim the Montreal Masters title earlier this year. Boris Becker was the only other player to achieve the feat (Stockholm, 1994).

Nalbandian also joined Djokovic as the only player to beat Nadal and Federer in the same tournament. Nalbandian claimed just his second victory in his past 10 meetings with Federer, who leads their series 8-7 despite losing their first five encounters.

1st round :Safin plays Karlovic !!!!!

Oct 14, 2007

Marat Safin, ‘I’m searching. Constantly.’


New Article from "Izvestia" (Oct, 2007)

Marat Safin is a unique person. Even though he lost his high rankings because of a serious injury, the former world number one is still interesting and intriguing for the fans, spectators and tournament management. And at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow this week he is, no doubt, the major star. Safin hates routine and he’s always sincere – sincere in his actions, behaviour, thoughts and words. That’s what Maria Kuznetsova from “Izvestia” had the chance to make sure of.

薩芬是個特立獨行的人。即便因為嚴重的傷病排名大幅下滑﹐球迷﹑觀眾及球賽經者仍喜愛這位前世界第一﹐並對他永遠感到好奇有趣。這周在莫斯科舉行的Kremlin杯﹐無疑地﹐他是最耀眼的明星。薩芬痛恨一成不變﹐也始終真實誠懇 - 在他的行動﹑行為﹑思想和談話等方面都毫不掩飾做作。IZVESTIA 的記者 Maria Kuznetsova在這次的訪問中證實了這一切。

‘When people have nothing to say, they come up with meddlesome advice’


Q: Let’s start with an unusual question. What were your thinking about when you woke up today?

Q 我們先開始一個比較不一樣的問題好了﹐今天一起床那一刻你在想什麼

MS: I guess, I didn’t think about anything at all, because it all goes automatically – practicing, playing. Waking up automatically, then shower, and then a ride to the courts. Boring… (frowning)

MS 我覺得﹐我沒想任何事﹐因為所有行程都很自動地進行著-訓練﹑比賽。時間到了起床﹐然後沖澡﹐之後開車到球場。無聊..... (一臉愁眉苦臉樣)

Q: Do you make plans then?

Q 你會事先作計畫嗎

MS: I never do, just because they never come true. Especially in here, during the tournament. Every minute of the day is fixed till the very evening. The only thing I can make plans about is where I’m going to have dinner.

MS 我從來不作計畫﹐因為它總不會實現﹐尤其在場上。每分每秒都是未知數直到晚上所有才得以確定。我唯一會計畫的是今晚要去哪裡吃晚餐。

Q: It’s annoying, isn’t it?


MS: Not that much, I just don’t like it. I want something new and exciting.


Q: What’s annoying then? What is the thing that gets on your nerves?


MS: It drives me mad, when some people say “Marat, you’re a talented player, but you should practice more. Usually people, who say something like that, know nothing or very little and have no relation to tennis. They have nothing more to say, so they come up with such advice.

MS 當人們說" 馬拉特﹐你是個有天份的球員﹐但是呀你應該多訓練些" 的時候﹐我聽了就快瘋了。通常說這些話的人對網球所知不多﹐甚至跟網球沒有關係。他們不知該講什麼﹐就隨便給些無聊沒營養的建議。

Q: And your new coach, Hernán Gumy from Argentina? He comes up with no advice?

Q 你的阿根廷新教練GUMY ﹐他難道也不給意見嗎

MS: You see any career has certain stages – the beginning, the middle and the end. When you’re just starting you should practice more, work on some elements, improve some of them... When you’re 25 it’s hard to change anything. I’m already a mature player, and I need a coach who can understand this. He can force me to do one thing, but at the same time he should let some other things go their own way.

MS 人的職業生涯有幾個階段 - 發跡 ﹑ 中期﹑末期。當你剛出道時﹐你當然應該要多訓練﹐加強一些技巧。。。但是到25歲後﹐要改變就難了。我已經是個成熟的職業球員﹐我需要一個瞭解這些事實的教練。他可以要求我做一件事﹐但同時他也要懂得讓其他一切順其自然。

Q: That’s what Gumy is like?

Q GUMY 就是這樣嗎

MS: He’s very calm. The point for him is to be this calm while he’s on court and not to make a fuss. Otherwise, you know, I might blow my top off.

MS 他很穩重。最重要的是﹐當他在場上時他要保持平靜﹐不大驚小怪。否則﹐你曉得的﹐我可是會失控崩潰

Q: Blow your top off? Like doing what?

Q 失控崩潰﹐比如怎樣

MS: Well, I might break my racket, or just tell everyone to… Well, you know how our Russian people swear. I bet you’ve heard workers at a construction site?

MS 嗯﹐我可能會摔拍﹐或者叫大家.....你曉得我們俄羅斯人都怎麼咀咒罵人的。你應該聽過工地工人罵人吧﹐就像那樣

Q: I have. What else annoys you?


MS: Phone calls. If someone is calling, they want something from you. I don’t like answering, and when I don’t people get offended and angry, ask why I haven’t called them back, what’s up. That’s what annoys me the most.

MS 電話。有人打來﹐他們有求於你。我不喜歡回電話﹐當他們咄咄逼人或生氣地 (這裡文法不太對﹐只好用上下文猜了) 問我為什麼不回電話﹐到底怎麼了時﹐我是最受不了的。

Q: And your friends? Who are they?


MS: Good question… Almost all of them have some business. But there are also artists. Different people who have been living a long life and who have great experience.


Q: And who is Shamil Tarpischev for you?

你怎麼看 Shamil Tarpischev (DAVIS CUP 隊長)

MS: Tarpischev? Shama… A genius coach and a man who easily finds a way out of any situation. He reads people perfectly, gets his ideas straight and has enormous experience. He sees people through – he just needs to talk to them for two minutes. I have a great respect for him.

MS Tarpischev? 天才教練﹐ 一個總有辦法解決事情的男子漢。他瞭解你﹐清楚地發揮他的想法﹐有豐富的經驗。只要跟你談個兩分鐘﹐就能看穿你。我十分尊敬他。

‘I recall my past so as not to walk on air too much’


Q: Comparing your old interviews and the more recent ones, it’s easy to see how much calmer and wiser you’ve become. Do you think much about yourself?

Q 將過去的專訪跟最近的一比較就不難發現你平和多了也變得更有智慧。你常常會想自己是什麼人嗎

MS: Depends on what you mean by it. Yes, I think about myself, but not in a narcissistic way. (laughing) You see, it’s important not to get too obsessed with yourself and only yourself. But at the same time you should love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? And people, who are close to us, also need our attention badly.

那看你從怎樣的角度來說。是的﹐我當然會想自己是怎樣的人﹐但可不是自戀﹑孤芳自賞的方式囉 (笑)。 你曉得﹐你不能太自以為是過度迷戀自己﹐只想到自己﹔然而同時你又得要好好愛自己。如果不能愛自己﹐你怎麼愛別人? 我們身邊親近的人﹐自然也需要我們多關心他們。

Q: What do you think about your life then?


MS: We all try to foresee what we’ll be doing in 5 years. And we set some goals for ourselves, because it’s very difficult to live without any. First a person aims at entering the university, than take a second degree. Then giving everything to work, to climb the career ladder. Thirdly he is just stuck in traffic jams every day. And then, at 50, he is hit by the realization, that he hasn’t actually done anything with his life. He was fussing, running around, but what for…

我們都想預知5年後自己會變成怎樣﹐因此我們會設定一些目標﹐否則很難繼續奮鬥下去。一般人通常開始就夢想進入大學﹐之後再拿另外一個學位。隨後不斷努力﹐試著在職場往上爬。再來咧﹐他每日奔波於交通﹐50歲時﹐他被殘酷的現實所打醒頓悟 - 其實在人生中他沒有真正成就什麼事。他只是一味忙碌﹐但所有的辛苦究竟是所為何來.......

Q: And you yourself?


MS: I’m searching. Constantly.


Q: You sound like a philosopher or like a priest.


MS: Nope, I don’t read the Bible.


Q: And what are you reading?


MS: The most recent one was “A Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

最近我念的是馬奎斯 的 "百年孤寂"。

Q: Never thought that you might like books of this kind.


MS: And what’s wrong about it? It’s kind of boring to read only classics all the time, I just need something different. So you go for the contemporary literature or something philosophical.

MS 有什麼不對嗎? 老是念古典文學會很無趣﹐我只想讀點不同的。所以就找點現代文學或哲學類的東西。

Q: What do you consider wealth?


MS: The years I’ve lived. I don’t need too much money, a house in Rublevka (the street in Moscow, where most of the rich and the famous live) or a villa in the French Riviera. Wealth for me is not all these material things, it’s a life experience.

財富嘛﹐是我過去所經歷的每一刻。我不需要很多錢﹐比如在RUBLEVKA (俄羅斯名流富人居住的地方)有棟房子﹐或者在法國避暑勝地有間別墅。財富對我來說並不全然是這些物質的東西﹐是人生經驗。

Q: You once said in an interview, ‘I’m lucky, because I’ve got out of poverty’.

可是你在一次專訪提到 "我很幸運﹐因為我得以脫離貧困"

MS: That’s not true, I’ve never put it that way. I’ve grown up at VDNH, which is quite a nice district of Moscow. Just the whole situation my family was in was not that great. The four of us were living in the flat of 20 square meters. I know that lots of people had worse conditions, but still. The point is that then I hadn’t had the actual chance of achieving anything serious in tennis. That’s why I’m saying – I’m lucky. A man appeared who gave money for me to go to Spain. It was a big amount of money – $ 300 000. You could imagine what $300 000 meant in 1994, couldn’t you? That was an inconceivable sum of money. So I’m still very grateful to that sponsor.

MS 那不是事實﹐我不是那個意思。小時候在VDNH﹐一個莫斯科寧靜的地區長大﹐家境不好﹐我們四個人擠在20平方米的小地方居住﹐當然我知道有很多比我們更慘﹐但畢竟還是糟透了。重點是﹐我沒有任何機會在網球有所成就。所以我才說﹐"我很幸運"。當時有個貴人出現﹐出錢送我到西班牙去。那可是一大筆錢 - 三十萬美金。你可以想像1994年30萬美金是什麼嗎﹐簡直是一筆難以想像的數字。所以﹐對於那位贊助先生我仍心存感激。

Q: Do you often go over the past? And what for?

Q 你會常常回想過去嗎﹐為什麼

MS: I do sometimes... And what for? In order not to loose the feeling of reality. You start to walk above the clouds, and then there it comes – a recollection from childhood, which immediately brings you back to the ground. For instance I go into the supermarket, where the shelves are full of different yummy things, and recall standing in line to buy some sugar. That’s exactly the moment, you know, when you start appreciating your life of today.

MS 有時會的... 為什麼?這樣才不會脫離現實。有時你平步青雲﹐不自覺飄飄然漫步在雲端般﹐ 之後﹐你回想童年時光﹐會馬上把自己拉回現實。比方說﹐我去超市﹐看到架子上有很多好吃的東西﹐便想起以前排隊買糖吃的情景。那正是你開始珍惜現狀的時刻。

Q: Have these recollections become an extra stimulus for achieving some success?


MS: Of course. Otherwise, who would I have been if I hadn’t got into the tennis elite? Ok, a coach who gets $15 per hour. That might be enough for living, but hardly enough for a family and definitely not enough for buying a flat and a car. And then what? I don’t like this hopeless kind of life.

當然。否則﹐如果進入網球壇後我會變成什麼樣子? OK﹐當一個教練一小時拿15塊錢。生活自然不成問題﹐但養家就辛苦了﹐更別提買公寓或車子。然後呢? 我不要這種絕望的生活。

‘I wear pants that cost me $20’


Q: You’re thought to be one of the most eligible bachelors of the country. How do you choose girls?

Q 你可是我們國家最有價值的單身漢。你擇偶條件是什麼

MS: Just the same way you choose us. I look at the face and a bit lower.

MS 跟你們怎麼選我們沒什麼兩樣阿。我看她長什麼樣子﹐再往下瞧一瞧。

Q: What do you value in women?


MS: Personality. Character is not a small thing either.


Q: How do you feel about marriage?


MS: I’m positive about it. But only after the children are born. After having been living with someone for 15 years you understand if you really love him or her.


Q: Not earlier? What happens before then?

不會更早嗎? 在那之前呢

MS: Love at the very beginning is an illness, a wild and feverous one. Then it transforms into respect, without which two people just can’t live together for long. Or either it does not transform, and to understand this you need time.


Q: Are you fashion-conscious?


MS: Not really. I don’t wear Versace; I don’t have Dolce&Gabbana or Cavalli jeans. I’m not trying to buy things of the latest fashion – I just don’t need that. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. There’s no one to prove anything to, and what for, after all?

MS 不會。我不穿VERSACE﹐也沒有D&G 或 Cavalli 牛仔褲。我不買最新流行的衣服﹐我實在不需要那些。我並不用對任何人證實什麼。我需要對誰證明事情呢﹐況且﹐證明了又有何意義?

Q: But you like to dress up smartly and nicely?


MS: Just have a look. Now I’m wearing jeans that I’ve bought for $20 on sale in the States, white socks that definitely don’t fit the image, shoes that are probably older than myself and a torn T-shirt.

MS 就是像個樣子吧。現在我穿的是在美國買的20塊打折牛仔褲﹑不太搭調的白襪﹑還有一雙比我還老的鞋子﹐跟一件破舊的 T SHIRT。

Q: And what about Rolex on your wrist?


MS: (laughing) Ah, this… It’s for free. I’m promoting it.

MS (笑) 阿﹐這個阿。這免費的﹐我是代言人。

Q: But you won’t deny your passion for good cars?


MS: No (smiling) I like to be comfortable sitting.

MS 不會 (微笑)。我喜歡舒服地駕駛。

Q: What do you prefer?


MS: I’ve got two right now – Mercedes and Porsche. The first I got as a present, the second – I bought myself.

MS 我現在有兩台車 - MERCEDES 跟 PORSCHE。前者是人家送的﹐PORSCHE﹐我自己買的。

Q: Well, rather expensive ones…

Q 嗯﹐那挺貴的...

MS: I’ve told you. One is a present. The second I bought with a huge discount - about 50%, it was sold to me by a friend of mine. You should have rich friends with good cars. (laughing) As Ostap Bender said (the hero of one of the Russian books – The 12 chairs”, and “The Golden Calf”) – a car is not a sign of luxury, but a means of transport.

MS 我說了﹐一台是禮物﹐另外一輛我拿到很大的折扣﹐大概五折吧﹐是朋友賣我的。你一定要有一些擁有好車的有錢朋友才行呀 (笑)。 就像Ostap Bender (俄羅斯有名作家 )說的﹐車子不是奢華的象徵﹐它不過是交通工具罷了。

Maria Kuznetsova

Translated by Elisabeth

Oct 4, 2007

Kremlin Cup


Place: Moscow, Russia
Date: October 8-14, 2007
Draw Size: 32
Surface: Indoor Carpet
Prize Money: US $1,000,000
Tournament Director: Sergey Leonyuk
Ticket Hotline:
(7) 095 956 3360

03 October 2007

Great News. Marat has spent the last few days practising with Hernan Gumy and he is feeling fit. So especially for his Russian "home" fans Marat wants to have an early try out at The Kremlin Cup which starts next Monday 8th October. He requested and was given a Wild Card for the Kremlin Cup. It will be good to see him back on a tennis court.
Safin and Tursunov won the doubles title !!!!!!!
Well done, Marat and Dima !!



Marat kissed the umpire after the match because he was fighting with him ........





2nd round singles :
lost to Igor Andreev

Fin.I. Andreev

M. Safin







1st round Doubles :
Safin/Tursunov won 7-5,6-3






1st round Singles:
Marat Safin

D Matsukevitch65

Watch Postmatch Interview



Press Conference pictures

[image] [image]


[image] [image]

[image] [image]

Practice with Youzhny (video)

Player List
1 Davydenko Nikolay Russia
2 Youzhny Mikhail Russia
3 Murray Andy Great Britain
4 Mathieu Paul-Henri France
5 Tursunov Dmitry Russia
6 Starace Potito Italy
7 Stepanek Radek Czech Republic
8 Kohlschreiber Philipp Germany
9 Andreev Igor Russia
10 Santoro Fabrice France
11 Tipsarevic Janko Serbia
12 Acasuso Jose Argentina
13 Mahut Nicolas France
14 Gimelstob Justin United States
15 Tsonga Jo-Wilfried France
16 Hartfield Diego Argentina
17 Roitman Sergio Argentina
18 Grosjean Sebastien France
19 Lapentti Nicolas Ecuador
20 Korolev Evgeny Russia
21 Vliegen Kristof Belgium
22 Berrer Michael Germany
23 Garcia-Lopez Guillermo Spain
24 Special Exempt
25 Special Exempt
26 Qualifie
27 Qualifie
28 Qualifie
29 Qualifie
30 Wild card
31 Wild card
32 Wild card